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Rack Material List

Upright:  Two vertical columns joined with diagonal bracing to create one upright

Quantity:  pcs.Height: Depth:
Column Size    
Quantity:  pcs.Height:Depth:
Column Size    

Step Beam:  Create a beam level and support pallet or product load

Quantity:  pcs.       Length Other  
Weight Capacity per pair / per level      
Quantity:  pcs.       Length Other
Weight Capacity per pair / per level        
Quantity:  pcs.       Length Other
Weight Capacity per pair / per level       

Row Spacer:  Joins uprights together in a back to back row. (Adds stability)

Quantity:  pcs. Length:  
Quantity:  pcs. Length:    

Rack Accessories

Pallet Safety Supports: (Wood Supports or Steel Supports). Utilize 2 or 3 under each pallet to support the load

Quantity:  pcs. Made to fit:  deep upright

Wire Decking: Wire mesh grid with supports creates a decking for step beams that supports pallet load and allows for bulk storage. Offers better illumination, more sanitary. Figure two pcs. per 96" wide beam level or 3 pcs. per 144" beam level. Standard size is 42" deep x 46" wide. 3 channel supports for 1 5/8" step. Waterfall front and back.

Quantity:  pcs.   Front to   back (OD)     Wide     (ID)  
Capacity per pc. (Should equal max. pallet wt.)        

Column Guards: Wrap around that is welded or bolted on to protect lower front leg of upright column.

Quantity:  pcs. Height:


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